We Grow Chestnuts and Other Local Produce in Oregon. Chestnuts are the ultimate in "sustainable" farming as they are a no till crop.  Chestnuts is the lowest fat tree nut that exists. They are pure carbohdrate on par with a potato and glutten free. Chestnuts are one of mankind's earliest foods and probably an important food of the future.  I call them tree potatos at some markets I sell them at especially early in the season before they sweeten with seasoning which is the nuts being stored for a duration of time when they malt and sweten similar to the way wheat and barley do as seeds convert carbohydrates to sugar to eventually grow into new plants.  Chestnut trees have the advantage of not requiring irregation once they form a strong underground deep tap root.  The trees can find all the water they need thanks to having this tap root which is another amazing plus for "sustainability" depending on how it is being defined.  No pesticides are required to grow the trees. Our chestnuts are generally easy to peal.  We do not sort them by size but costomers are welcome to come and pick larger or smaller sizes from boxes when available.  Contact US To see what is in season.  email: oregondirect@yahoo.com

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Our Farm Produce When In Season And Available at wholesale prices: 


Asian Pears

Euro Pears

Liberty Apples

Fuyu Persimmons

Wild Grown Grapes including some wine grapes.

Herbs including:

Lavage, Peppermint, Spearmint, Oregano, Japanese Petasite, Bay Lea branches, Sasa leaf, other mints  

Flowers: Daffs, Lilac, Misc. 

Aromatics: Incense cedar branches, Western Red Cedar branches  Chestnut leaves  to repel spiders.

Chestnuts and oak seedlings bare root after the leaves fall off in season.

Apple branch wood, grape branch wood, cherry branch wood, bay leaf wood for use as a BBQ smoke additive.

Consulting service to help you build your own no till "sustainable" farm with our expertise and hands on help planting and designing a  garden that is beyond just being edible.

email: oregondirect@yahoo.com


Chestnuts are available in late September though January and some from cold storage can last into April of the next year.




our wholesale prices are seasonal and will be posted when available.  You can pay by pay pal and have chestnuts , persimmons, Asian pears and some herbs mailed out. Chestnuts come in 10-12 lb flat rate boxes as do the pears and persimmons.  bay leaf stalks are mailed in lighter weight packaging.  Postage for chestnuts add to their price but the unit per pound price came out to 3-4 dollars for most orders per lb  last year.  Prices may be up this year? flat rate postage ads 80 cents to a dollar per lb and a bit less with the larger flat rate boxes that can send between 15 and 18 lbs of chestnuts.  Chestnuts are shipped from cold storage unless you order when they first start falling off the trees.  Chestnuts need to be put back in the refrigerator and not frozen on arrival.  They should be packed first in a paper bag and then in a plastic bag to seal in moisture to keep them from drying out in cold storage. The paper bag tends to absorb excess moisture which is why it is used.

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